Social Media Marketing

Many people believe Social Marketing platforms to be the sure-fire way to reach thousands of potential customers. Here’s a little known fact:                                                                                                                                          It Isn’t.

Social Media Marketing is a bit of a misleading term. Here at MediaBazooka! we believe it should be called Social Interaction With The Possibility Of Benefiting Business. Unfortunately, it’s a bit wordy.

Look, business isn’t what it used to be. Now it is imperative to communicate in open fashion with those that you rely on for business. This is where true Social Marketing comes in. Our main focus isn’t to talk AT your followers on these social sites, it’s to talk WITH them.

No one likes being yelled at to do something over and over again. (Johnny, take out the trash! Take it out! Take it out! Now! Do it! Hurry! Take it out!) The same goes in the digital world. If people are following you on Twitter or liking your Facebook page, we believe it is important — as well as necessary — to reward them with stimulating interactions as well as occasional deals/discounts for being your friend. MediaBazooka! wants to help you create and maintain raving fans AKA returning customers.

Our packages will quickly earn you a large following of real people interested in your product/service, as well as interact with them on a regular basis. We also specialize in creating Facebook Ad Campaigns to generate more likes as well as traffic to your site.

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